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Autumn Burchett’s path to victory in Twitch clips

Seeing Autumn Burchett winning the Mythic Championship was emotional and truly amazing at many levels. I wanted to review all their appearances on Twitch and take my time to reflect on those Mythic Championship I key moments.

Day One: Mono Blue Tempo deck tech

If I’m correct this was Autumn’s first moment on camera; while going 4-0 on Friday, they took us through all the cards in the Mono Blue Tempo deck, highlighting the importance of the likes of Curious Obsession and Tempest Djinn. You can see their profound knowledge on how to pilot the deck and the reasons behind each card choice (Why play 4 copies of Dive Down? Why a single copy of Negate, Chart a Course, Mist-Cloaked Herald and Entrancing Melody?) Autumn really embraced the tempo aspects of the deck, making their opponents “struggle to know what to do”.

Day One: 5-0 interview

Autumn explains that the opportunity to play a tempo deck in Standard after so many years made the deck choice very easy for them; Autumn also explains what a tempo deck is, describing it as a ‘more subtle form of aggression’, in the sense that allows you to be ahead on board but also behave like a control player at times. They also give their views on the upcoming Mythic Invitational and how to prepare for it.

Day Two: Round 6 against Esper Control… they would meet again in Round 9 and in the final!

I didn’t realise that Autumn and Yoshihiko Ikawa faced each other in three rounds, including the final! Here Autumn advanced 6-0 with another solid 2-0 win. That final play is awesome: Negate to counter Kayas’ Wrath, followed up by a lethal attack with two huge Pteramander.

Day two: Round 9 draft, Orzhov vs Gruul

Autumn drafted a sweet Orzhov deck and once again beat Yoshihiko Ikawa, who was on Gruul. Autumn won 2-1 and advanced 8-1 to Round 10. That third game was rough for Yoshihiko, completely stuck on two Mountains.

Day two: Round 10 draft, Orzhov & Azorius

Here they utterly destroyed Azorius, 2-0. Autumn wins game 2 with a bunch of commons and that Mortify to just move on to the hand shake!

Day two: drafting deck tech

Deck tech piece where Autumn takes us through their draft picks. After grabbing Essence Capture as first pick from pack 1, the Orzhov deck started to shape up beautifully, even when it didn’t have many shiny rares.

Day two: 13-2 interview, top 8 under the belt!

Very emotional interview at the end of day two. From FNM to Mythic Championship Top 8. Autumn showed that with effort it can be done!

Day two: player of the day interview!

Another very emotional and inspiring interview for Magic players. Autumn Burchett is the first non binary trans person to make the Top 8 of a Protour – and to win it. (By the way, this is a great article on the impact of Autumn’s achievement).

Top 8: Quarterfinal, Mono Blue Tempo mirror against Julien Berteaux

Autumn Burchett really mastered the mirror match. This was some proper next level Magic. Despite losing the first game, game 2 was a different story: Autumn deployed three huge Tempest Djinn while the French player got stuck in two lands.

In game 3 Autumn ‘stole’ Julian’s Pteramander with Entrancing Melody, and cast a second Entrancing Melody to take control of a Tempest Djinn and win the game.

Game 4 was spectacular. Autumn missed their second Island after firing 2 copies of Opt, having to discard Wizard’s Retort and facing an uncontested Curious Obsession. It did not look good. But Julien failed to counter Autumn’s Siren Stormtamer and allowed them to come back and take over the game. BRUTAL.

Top 8: Interview before the semifinal against Reid Duke

Autumn started winning the semifinal right from the interviews! Reid admitted that his level of experience in the mirror was “low”, and that he had only picked up the deck about a week ago. In other words, he was saying that Autumn was going to beat him!! 

In contrast to Reid’s fears, Autumn confidently said that they “adore the mirror”, “maybe it’s my favourite match up to play”. They talk about how tense it is and how important is to hit your land drops – they reason why they have a twentieth Island in the sideboard 😉

Top 8: Semifinal, Mono Blue Tempo mirror  against Reid Duke

Being on the play Reid won a quick game 1, where he managed to get
Curious Obsession going on a Mist-Cloaked Herald.

I think Reid actually lost game 2 by choosing not to champ block a Pteramander with Curious Obsession in Autumn’s first attack, allowing that extra card draw. Once again Autumn was forcing their opponents into making wrong decisions. From there Autumn countered two Tempest Djinn with Essence Capture and led the game with authority.

Game 3 was quite interesting. Soon enough Reid took control of Autumn’s Pteramander using Entrancing Melody, but they followed up with another two Tempest Djinn and a massive Pteramander. Perhaps Reid held too much onto another copy of Entrancing Melody, whilst his Exclusion Mage didn’t look that impressive. Big psychological win for Autumn in game 3.

In game 4 Reid had to mulligan down to 5 cards. However, he managed to put up an extraordinary fight and took Autumn down to 1. Autumn managed to successfully gain control of one of Reid’s Tempest Djinn, then Essence Capture a Merfolk Trickster first and a Mist-Cloaked Herald second (when they were sitting on 1 life only!)

Top 8: interview after beating Reid Duke

“Keep doing what you’re doing and it doesn’t matter who you face”, Reid told them. True that!!

Top 8: Final against Yoshihiko Ikawa’s Esper Control

Autumn won game 1 using tons of counter Magic to play around Absorb and Kaya’s Wrath, successfully resolving and protecting Pteramander.

In game 2 Yoshihiko managed to stabilise the board and turn the corner. He drew a bunch of cards casting multiple Chemister’s Insight and triggering Azcanta, The Sunken Ruin… Nothing Autumn could do.

In game 3 Autumn mulliganed down to 6 and the Japanese brought in Kaya, Orzhov Usurper, Thief of Sanity and Hostage Taker. That sideboard transformation by the Esper Control player was really impressive and it paid off. 2-1 to Yoshihiko, who was one victory away from winning the Mythic Championship.

Acknowledging that Esper Midrange transformation, in game 4 Autumn adjusted their answers, countering bombs in the form of Lyra Dawnbringer with Disdainful Stroke and The Eldest Reborn with Spell Pierce. HUGE game.

And here we go. Mythic Championship I final. Game 5. Autumn’s lucky hat on. It was incredible how they held on casting Curious Obsession on a Pteramander early in the game, until they could protect it and just win with it. First ever Magic Protour winner from England and first non-male player to win a Protour!

Top 8: champion interview

Autumn explains how things played out after sideboarding and how they decided to keep Essence Capture in the face of very problematic creatures from Esper. Also talks about their achievement as first non binary person to win a Magic tournament of this magnitude.

Top 8: picking up the trophy! Awards ceremony

Big celebration time for Autumn and the Magic community 🙂

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