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Introducing LilianaMarket bulk upload for MTG singles

Exciting news: a new bulk upload feature by set is now live on LilianaMarket. You can select a set, pick the cards that you’d like to list from that set and upload all of them in one go. Easy. You can find this option under ‘My collection’ > ‘Bulk sell per set’.

We think this can be quite helpful when you’re listing many cards from the same set, once you’ve sorted them alphabetically. We’ll be soon adding additional options to filter by colour or card rarity, and to select or unselect all cards in a set.

At LilianaMarket we want to make selling magic cards as easy as possible for the UK community, and we’re committed to continuously improving the platform. This new feature is the result of your feedback, as a few of you suggested that having a way of listing multiple cards at the same time could save some time. If you have any ideas on how to improve the website, please send us an email to

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