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Top 10 control cards from Ravnica Allegiance (Standard)

As a very often control player myself, I think the following cards from Ravnica Allegiance are the ones that if I open at the pre-release I’ll defo keep for myself or that I’ll be buying from the community. Here is my top 10.

1. Kaya’s Wrath

A four mana Wrath. I need four of them. Nothing else to say.


2. Hallowed Fountain

It’s great news that we have now an enhanced mana base to work with. I could also include Godless Shrine (for Esper Control) and Blood Crypt (if I played Grixis Control) in this second place.


3. Mortify

Great and versatile instant speed removal for Esper Control.


4. Absorb

I like both countering things and gaining life 😊 Not sure I prefer it to Sinister Sabotage though. Maybe I do if mono red keeps being strong.


5. Angel of Grace

Do I prefer Angel of Grace over Lyra? That is the question here.


6. Sphinx of Foresight

I kind of want to test this guy. In principle you’d need to play 4 copies of it to make the most out of its scry 3 ability, but hey. Might be an OK finisher which also provides card filtering.


7. Precognitive Perception

Drawing 3 cards is always spicy… But do I give up on playing 4 copies of Chemister’s Insight?


8. Bedevil

Just great removal for any Grixis brew. Though I’m not sure Grixis Control is the way forward…


9. Deputy of Detention

A potentially very annoying card for your opponent and a way of slowing things down for them. It might be more of a sideboard card rather than main deck.


10. Dovin, Grand Arbiter

I’ve got mixed feelings about Dovin. I think it’s bad, since it’s going to be quite hard to uptick him. Then I think that I’d love to play a planeswalker in turn 3, followed up by a Wrath in turn 4 and Teferi in turn 5. Am I being greedy?


10+1. Frilled Mystic

I love this card. I wonder if there is some sort of Temur Control deck somewhere, with this Elf Lizard Wizard (what?!) and Carnage Tyrant.


Any other Ravnica Allegiance cards for control players that you’d include on the list?

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