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Exploring Core Set 2020 Draft

I’m definitely drafting M20 this weekend and I thought I’d share my notes on this post. After getting a feel for this set at the prerelease, we can safely say that it will be blast for Draft, so don’t miss out!

I’ll be looking at:

  • Main archetypes for Core Set 20 Draft
  • My favourite commons and uncommons in each colour
  • Mana fixers

Main archetypes for Core Set 20 Draft

The Core Set brings pretty cool themes such as life gain, fliers, elementals, etc., although not clear guilds or colour pairs. This is good news, since all colours seem well balanced; I couldn’t tell there is a weaker colour or archetype, which makes things even more interesting. Let’s explore the five different archetypes in Core Set 2020.

Fliers (blue/red/white)

Jeskai colours have lots of flying creatures, with some of them making the rest more powerful, such as Empyrean Eagle (the flying lord), Warden of Evos Isle or Herald of the Sun. Also look out for Winged Words, Aerial Assault and Flame Sweep. The best mythic rare bomb within this strategy is probably Kykar, Wind’s Fury.

Elementals (Red/Green/Blue)

Temur means Elementals, which you can make better with uncommons/commons such as Chandra, Novice Pyromancer, Thicket Crasher or Overgrowth Elemental. I don’t think the synergies are huge here, but often the cards seem good enough on its own right anyway, and any additional payoff is nice to have. Being said that, if you see Omnath, Locus of the Roil or Icon of Ancestry things can get pretty insane. All the Cavaliers are Elementals too by the way, as well as the bird token that can be made with Mu Yanling. Also relevant to bear in mind that Chandra, Awakened Inferno’s -3 ability only deals damage to non-elemental creatures.

Go wide (white/green/black)

This theme encourages you to play as many creatures as possible and build on that. Raise the Alarm, Master Splicer, Ferocious Pup or Undead Servant will give you extra bodies, usually in the form of tokens. Then Ironroot Warlord, Woodland Champion, Season of Growth will help you take advantage of those extra creatures. Likewise, cards like Bone Splinters get much more exciting when you can easily sack a random token, whereas guys like Inspiring Captain can suddenly bump up a whole army.

Some of the best mythic/rare cards within this archetype are Ajani, Strength of the Pride and Nightpack Ambusher.

Aggro (Black/Red/White)

This is about dealing damage to your opponent, as much and as quickly as possible. We’re talking about Chandra’s Spitfire, Ember Hauler, Uncaged Fury or Fencing Ace, all fairly aggressive cards.

Rares like Rotting Regisaur (arguably the most abusive turn 3 play in the set), Glint-Horn Buccaneer or Knight of the Ebon Legion fit nicely within this strategy.

Control through enter the battlefield abilities (Black/Blue/Green)

Yarok’s Wavecrasher, Gravedigger, Octoprophet or Blood for Bones will help you generate multiple enter the battlefield triggers. Then you have strong countermagic available: Bone to Ash, Unsummon, Murder, Disfigure, etc.

Obviously the best mythic rare within this wedge is Yarok, the Desecrated, brutal card!

My favourite uncommon and commons cards of each colour






Mana fixers

Apart from the dual lands there are many other mana fixers that you’ll be looking to grab, specially if you decide to be on 3 (or more) colours: Evolving Wilds, Scuttlemutt, Gift of Paradise, Prismite or Lotus Field will come in handy.

Are you drafting M20? Which are your preferred picks and archetypes? Good luck and enjoy, amazing set!

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