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FNM adventures 25/08/2017: Blue-red Approach

This week I played a typical blue-red control deck, but splashing some spicy stuff: 2 copies of Approach of the Second Sun. Here is the deck list:


3 x Torrential Gearhulk

2 x Approach of the Second Sun
3 x Magma Spray
3 x Abrade
4 x Harnessed Lightning
2 x Hour of Devastation
2 x Essence Scatter
3 x Censor
3 x Supreme Will
2 x Disallow
4 x Glimmer of Genius
3 x Hieroglyphic Illumination

4 x Spirebluff Canal
4 x Aether Hub
3 x Wandering Fumarole
2 x Irrigated Farmland
7 x Island
6 x Mountain

Side board

1 x Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh
1 x Kefnet the Mindful
1 x Glorybringer
3 x Kozilek’s Return
1 x Chandra’s Defeat
2 x Whirler Virtuoso
2 x Sphinx of the Final Word
2 x Dispel
2 x Negate


It generally felt OK and Aether Hub and Irrigated Farmland allowed me to cast Approach every time I needed it, though I didn’t play my best. Won 2 rounds and lost another 2. It was really cool to have Approach and surprise my opponents with it.


Round 1: mono red

I lost 2-1. I felt I should have won easy, though I misplayed a few times and that costed me the game. For example, at some point my opponent had 2 Soul-Scar Mage, I happily cast Kozilek’s Return to wipe them, and he responded shocking me to deal 2 damage and trigger progress, so they could survive. That hurt, but I should have seen that coming. As I should have seen that, in response to my Torrential Gearhulk entering the battlefield, he was going to crack Scavenger Grounds and exile all instants in my graveyard.

Hour of Devastation felt slow in this instance; perhaps I was missing a couple of Sweltering Suns in my main.


Round 2: some weird black-blue control

2-1 to me. On game one he resolved Liliana, The Last Hope in turn 3 and I couldn’t get rid of her. That’s too bad, trust me. He ultimate Liliana and killed me with like a million zombies. Perhaps the most interesting game was the third one. I had two copies of Approach in my hand: cast the first one, which he negated, so it went to my graveyard. I thought: ‘thanks, dude’. He essentially wasted that Negate. In my next turn I cast the second copy of Approach to win the game, having left 3 untapped lands in case I had to Disallow another Negate.

My opponent got a bit confused, as he thought that Approach had to resolve the first time too. The ruling on this is clear though: ‘As your second Approach of the Second Sun resolves, it checks only whether the first one was cast, not whether the first one resolved. If your first Approach of the Second Sun was countered, you’ll still win the game as your second one resolves’.


Round 3: mono white Eldrazi

I lost 2-0. Got absolutely destroyed. I drew rather slow hands and couldn’t do much to stop the likes of Eldrazi Displacer and Thought-Knot Seer. Dealing with creatures that have and effect when they enter and leave the battlefield can be pretty tough for control.


Round 4: horses

I won 2-0. This was a good match up for me. My opponent’s strategy was to gain life with almost every single creature (in one game he went up to 37 life) and hitting me with indestructible horses (the awesome Crested Sunmare), but I had the right answers. Hour of Devastation was really good in this scenario. After sideboards I suspected he was going to use Gideon’s Intervention to target my Approaches, so I decided to take them out and rely on Nicol Bolas. And oh boy, that dragon got out of hand!

Any feedback on my list or suggestions for next week?

More FNM soon!

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