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Get ready for Standard rotation 2019

Throne of Eldraine will be officially released on the 4th of October. Dominaria, Core Set 2019, Ixalan and Rivals of Ixalan will leave Standard then, that is, a whole bunch of wizards, dinosaurs and pirates will rotate out of the format, together with some love-hate staples such as Nexus of Fate or Teferi, Hero of Dominaria.

Set Status on 4/10/2019
Ixalan Rotates out
Rivals of Ixalan Rotates out
Dominaria Rotates out
Core Set 2019 Rotates out
Guilds of Ravnica Standard legal
Ravnica Allegiance Standard legal
War of the Spark Standard legal
Core Set 2020 Standard legal
Throne of Eldraine Standard legal

Main staples and key cards that leave Standard

Many of the following cards are heavily played in Modern and Commander, therefore they’re likely to keep their value or even increase it over time. Sadly, many others will be far less appealing and drop in price -until, who knows, they rejuvenate under a new shell-.


Goblin Chainwhirler

Rekindling Phoenix

Reckless Rage

Viashino Pyromancer

Dire Fleet Daredevil

Ghitu Lavarunner


Nexus of Fate

Search for Azcanta


Siren Stormtamer

Merfolk Trickster

Tempest Djinn

Dive Down

Spell Pierce

Curious Obsession

Blink of an Eye

Entrancing Melody


Essence Scatter


History of Benalia

Lyra Dawnbringer

Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants

Settle the Wreckage

Adanto Vanguard

Legion’s Landing

Skymarcher Aspirant

Benalish Marshal

Resplendent Angel

Shalai, Voice of Plenty

Dauntless Bodyguard

Ixalan’s Binding



Llanowar Elves

Merfolk Branchwalker

Wildgrowth Walker

Jadelight Ranger

Carnage Tyrant

Vivien Reid

Ghalta, Primal Hunger

Ripjaw Raptor


Vraska’s Contempt

The Eldest Reborn

Ravenous Chupacabra

Moment of Craving

Cast Down


Teferi, Hero of Dominaria

Nicol Bolas, the Ravager

Hostage Taker

Angrath, the Flame-Chained

Regisaur Alpha


Karn, Scion of Urza

Treasure Map

Sorcerous Spyglass


Field of Ruin

Dual lands from all these sets also leave Standard, which means the ‘Shock lands’ and ‘Scry lands’ will be the ones to rely on.

Rotation proof decks

Decks like Mono Blue Tempo, Mono White Aggro, Orzhov Vampires, Simic Nexus and Jund Dinosaurs are likely to vanish from the Standard metagame. Other decks like Mono Red or Golgari/Sultai Midrange might face a deep re-construction based on new cards. However, a few other decks should remain strong after rotation and be able to survive with just a few tweaks.

Temur Elementals

Most Elementals come straight from Core Set 2020, which in principle puts them in a great position after rotation. The deck literally loses one card, Llanowar Elves, apart from the rotating lands. Granted, 3 colour decks might get slightly harder to play after rotation, but we already have part of the Scry lands, and the rest should come in with Throne of Eldraine.

Esper Hero

Hero of Precinct One decks are also likely to remain competitive. Teferi, Hero of Dominaria rotates out, but little Teferi and many other multicolour spells will stick around. If you were playing Hostage Taker in the main, it might be a case of replacing it with Tomebound Lich.

Bant Ramp

Llanowar Elves and Entrancing Melody aside, the deck should be pretty okay after rotation.

Boros Feather

Feather decks will miss Reckless Rage (and Adanto Vanguard), but should have enough tools to remain in the metagame. This is a rotation proof list, built assuming no new cards from Throne of Eldraine are added to the deck:

Simic Flash

Made possible by M20, one of its main losses will be Merfolk Trickster, but other fliers such as Faerie Duelist, although a downgrade, could take its place. 100% rotation proof list:

Izzet Phoenix

For as long as Arclight Phoenix, Crackling Drake and a bunch of blue and red spells stay in the format, the deck should remain quite viable. Here’s a list using no cards from the sets that are rotating out.

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