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Shit happens


Shit happens, and Yam Wing Chun knows it. The Hour of Devastation Pro Tour Semi-final between Damo da Rosa and Wing Chun, featuring a Ramunap Red mirror match, had a dramatic end.

In the fifth and decisive game, with a Hazoret the Fervent on the battlefield, Wing Chun draws an Incendiary Flow, having a total of 2 cards in hand. Damo da Rosa was at 11 life, therefore the Hong Konger had precisely what he needed to win: cast Incendiary flow to deal 3 damage to his opponent, move to combat and attack with the red God, and finally discard the only card left in his hand to deal another 2 damage, using Hazoret’s ability. Instead, he drew and moved to combat straight away, tapping Hazoret to attack. But she couldn’t attack, as Wing Chun had 2 cards in hand. Ouch.

When Damo da Rosa pointed that out and Wing Chun realised what a mistake he had just made, well, he was of course upset, as you can see on the video (the relevant scene starts at 1:00:35). It was brutal. Magic can be a cruel game indeed. If you get overexcited and lose your concentration, even for one second, that might be it. We can only learn from our mistakes. Wing Chun won’t forget this one, but we should all congratulate him for his outstanding performance throughout this Pro Tour.

Damo da Rosa didn’t waste the opportunity and made it to the final, which he won. Second Pro Tour title for the Brazilian (and 12th Top 8), who showed extraordinary calm and knowledge.

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