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How did Team LilianaMarket come about?

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This weekend a new Magic team was launched; and as part of our mission to support the MTG community, we’re their proud sponsors. Introducing the captain and vice-captain of Team LilianaMarket, Ross Broxup and Ceri Taylor, to tell you more about the team, their approach and ethos.

The team as a whole are really excited to announce our new partnership with LilianaMarket is a new marketplace platform specifically aimed at the UK Magic community. As a new and ambitious UK team we realised that there could be potential parallels between us and them, so we sent an optimistic email…

Gio replied almost immediately saying they liked our email and our “entrepreneurial approach,” and were really enthusiastic about the idea. Over Skype and email we quickly realised we had a lot of shared values, and started trading ideas and laying the foundations for Team LilianaMarket.

You can read all about our nine team members, their favourite formats and personal aims here, but we wanted to use this opportunity to talk a bit more about our approach and plans for the team as a whole.

As a team we believe that supporting each other and focussing on continuous development is the best way to improve and achieve consistent results at a high level. Of course, we care about results but we try and focus on the process rather than just the outcome. We’re ambitious and competitive, but hopefully not at the expense of enjoying Magic and all the great community aspects that come with it.

Speaking of community, we’ve been inspired by the way the UK Magic community is continuing to grow and improve. It’s great to see a growing number of competitive teams. Of course, like others, we’ve looked to Team Axion Now for guidance, and we appreciate the help of Axion team members regarding some of the practicalities of team administration – that has been really useful.  Some of us have also previously been involved in local teams such as the Eastbourne-based Mana Gaming team, which have been key to our development as players. Internationally, Facebook groups such as MTG ProTutor and the amusingly-named ‘Ladies on the Grind’ have also been really important mechanisms for support.

We’re really looking forward to becoming a more visible part of the UK Magic community!

We’ll be officially launching Team LilianaMarket at GP Birmingham 2018, so you’ll be able to meet us there – you won’t be able to miss us in our stand-out green!  We’ve got team members in both the legacy and standard main events, so feel free to come and say hello.

Ross Broxup and Ceri Taylor

If you want to follow the exploits of the team, we’ll keep you posted on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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