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My short-term plans as MTG seller

One of my resolutions for this year is to be able to generate a complementary monthly income of £300 from my personal magic the gathering collection, by selling cards on LilianaMarket. At the moment I’m already getting around £100 a month, which is a good start.

With this goal in mind, my short-term plan is to increase the size of my collection and its quality, following the following 5 strategies.

  • I’ve been given about 5,000-7,000 commons & uncommons by a friend. Granted, there is a lot of low value stuff in here, but last Friday only I already sold £18 worth of it. I haven’t had many orders for a large list of commons, but it’s nice when it happens. Besides among the boxes that my mate gave me I’ve found some gems such as Delver of Secrets, which I sold almost instantly. I’ve probably listed about a third of these commons already, and I’ll continue doing so.
  • I’ve also managed to ‘rescue’ an amazing old collection from a friend (about 500 cards perhaps, free of charge 😊), and this one has a lot of good cards, mostly from Mirage, Tempest, Visions, Stronghold, Exodus and Urza’s Saga. Nothing incredibly expensive, but quite a few valuable rares such as Firestorm, Spike Weaver or Contamination. I’ve got 2 problems here though: most of them are in Spanish (some in English and Italian too), and their grading is usually moderately played to heavily played. The cards are fine, but are indeed old and some might have been played a lot or with no sleeves. I’m hoping that these issues (language and condition) won’t matter that much and that I’ll start selling these.
  • I’m going to experiment around my pricing strategy. Basically, I’d like to see what happens if I drop the price of some of the staples in my collection to see how quickly I can sell them. The ones I’ve chosen for now are Chandra, Tourch of Defiance (1 copy selling at £5), The Scarab God (1 copy selling at £5) and Ancient Tomb (1 copy selling at £14.90).
  • I’m trying to acquire another 1-2 collections to complement mine, particularly looking into modern & legacy stuff. This time I’ll invest some coins towards it, but it might be the final push my collection needs to generate the additional revenue I’m looking for.
  • I’ve been drafting every week since Ravnica Allegiance’s pre-release and will be switching to Standard very soon. This brings me a few more packs every week to keep the collection fresh. 

As my collection grows, I’m taking my time to make sure I keep everything ordered, so I can find any card very quickly. Last thing I want to do is to spend a lot of time looking for some random common! I have all the cards sorted by set and colour, and often alphabetically within each colour.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and share the learnings!

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