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Mythic Championship I: top decks & cards

Mythic Championship I has been a blast. Autumn Burchett is now the first Mythic Championship winner from England, piloting Mono Blue Tempo (“the new delver deck”) in an absolutely amazing performance. This weekend has been incredibly special for the entire UK Magic: The Gathering community, I’m still trying to absorb it all!!

Mono Blue Tempo has revealed as the best deck in Standard, with 3 lists in the top 8. Autumn’s mastery in the mirror match really paid off. Perhaps one of the surprises of the weekend was that no Sultai Midrange players made it to Sunday, despite being the most popular deck. The Top 8 decks were:

1st. Mono Blue Tempo (Autumn Burchett)

2nd. Esper Control (Yoshihiko Ikawa)

4th. Izzet Phoenix (Luis Scott-Vargas)

4th. Mono Blue Tempo (Reid Duke)

8th. Azorius Aggro (Marcio Carvalho)

8th. Gruul Aggro (Alex Majlaton)

8th. Simic Nexus (Michael Bonde)

8th. Mono Blue Tempo (Julien Berteaux)

My top 10 cards of the weekend are:

1/ Curious obsession. The card draw provided by this Aura out of a little evasive creature is insane.

2/ Tempest Djinn. Main win condition for the Mono Blue deck – it gets huge!

3/ Essence Capture. Perhaps the key sideboard card for Autumn in the final against Esper Control.  

4/ Entrancing Melody. One of the trickiest cards to play around in the Mono Blue Tempo mirror, which can also steal a huge Hydroid Krasis for just 4 mana.

5/ Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. Esper Control made it to the final thanks to the extremely powerful Azorius planeswalker.

6/ Thief of Sanity. It gives Esper Control a very strong sideboard plan indeed.

7/ Kaya, Orzhov Usurper. Really good to deal with the many one drops in the format!

8/ Arclight Phoenix. Luis Scott-Vargas brought this card back to its very best in Standard.

9/ Experimental Frenzy. Sweet card in Mono Red / Gruul Aggro this weekend. Best friends with Runaway Steam-Kin.

10/ Hydroid Krasis. The whole metagame has been greatly shaped by it, even when it didn’t see a lot of play in the top 8 (only used in the Simic Nexus deck, as Sultai Midrange didn’t have any representatives in the top 8).

10+1/ Venerated Loxodon. Marcio Carvalho did extraordinary well with Azorius Aggro, but couldn’t beat Arclight Phoenix in the quarter finals. The Elephant Cleric is simply brutal.

After this major achievement we look forward to seeing Autumn Burchett at the Mythic Invitational next month!

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