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The Age of Azorius: A Report From GP Bilbao

Harriet Wilder and Ceri Taylor from Team LilianaMarket both got 30 points at GP Bilbao last weekend (147th and 153rd, respectively), Harriet also winning the Play it Forward prize for highest-ranked woman or non-binary player.  They both played Azorius, but in very different forms! Harriet on UW Midrange and Ceri on UW Spirits.  In two parts, they write about their decks and tournament experiences.

Phoenix decks, along with dredge, were very much on our mind as we prepared for Grand Prix Bilbao.  So we wanted to play Rest in Peace decks and Azorius seemed the obvious place to go.

It appears we made a good meta call even though we played different decks. Taking our matches against the top ten of the day two meta at GP Bilbao (Izzet Phoenix, Humans, Burn, Tron, Dredge, The Rock, Affinity, Grixis Shadow, Hardened Scales and UW Control), our combined match score was 11-5-2 – notable matchups include 4-1 against UR Phoenix and 3-0 against Grixis Shadow.  

In two parts, we discuss our experiences at the tournament and our thoughts on the decks we played.

Part One: Harriet’s tournament report on her UW Midrange Deck

Part Two: Ceri’s deck guide and discussion of her UW Spirits Deck

Picture of Ceri and Harriet smiling happily
A smiley Ceri and Harriet, having just won their matches to get into Day 2 of GP Bilbao

To hear more about Harriet, Ceri, and the rest of the team’s adventures, follow @TeamLiliMarket

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