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Top 10 trending cards from Ravnica Allegiance

Ravnica Allegiance is a powerful set and the Standard metagame is already being shaped with new decks, including many 3 colour ones. Here is the list of cards from Ravnica Allegiance that members have searched for the most on the site since the prerelease.

1/ Hydroid Krasis

Its price has more than doubled in just a few days and it’s being featured in all sorts of midrange decks (Sultai Midrange, Gates, etc.). It can represent a big threat, and the life gain and card draw potential make it a very valuable magic card.

2/ Angel of Grace

If you were missing the flash effect of Archangel Avacyn in Standard, Angel of Grace is as close as it gets, with the ability to keep you alive -even more than once- in an emergency situation.

3/ Domri, Chaos Bringer

The Gruul planeswalker is perhaps the most exciting one of the set. Domri backs up Gruul aggro decks, offering 3 versatile abilities. It’s true that he doesn’t protect itself, but 5 loyalty should be high enough…

4/ Breeding Pool

The Simic dual land is being quite popular and completes the mana base of many of the new brews (Turbo Fog, Sultai Midrange, Gates, Temur Aggro, Bant Hydra, Simic Merfok, etc.).

5/ Judith, the Scourge Diva

She pumps up your creatures and deals damage when they die. The latter can be very punishing for control decks that play sweepers such as Kaya’s Wrath, Cleansing Nova or Deafening Clarion. Check out this Rakdos Aggro deck list for instance.

6/ Absorb

Even when it competes with Sinister Sabotage, gaining 3 life can be huge. Effectively Absorb might equal to countering the target spell AND a burn spell (Lightning Strike or Skewer the Critics).

7/ Growth-Chamber Guardian

Some players are saying that our Elf Crab Warrior is the magic card that might define Standard for the next few months. It generates card advantage and despite being a good attacker or blocker in the early game, it might well win you the game if you create a few 4/4s.

8/ Biogenic Ooze

Ooze fans are already thinking of Ooze Tribal decks in Modern 😊 Definitely a bomb in Limited and it might see some play in Standard, perhaps as a sideboard card.

9/ Dovin, Grand Arbiter

An Azorius 3 mana planeswalker is always serious business. Whether Dovin finds a deck that develops its full potential it’s still to be determined.

10/ Bedevil

Fantastic removal for any Raktos or Grixis deck. True, it doesn’t destroy enchantments, so you still might need to complement your removal suite (if you play Esper or Orzhov, Mortify can be your choice).

Let’s see how the metagame evolves in the next few weeks and how the list changes! 😊

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