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Very excited about 2019

2018 was amazing. Early in the year we launched LilianaMarket as a platform where the UK community can buy and sell magic the gathering cards, which was a tremendous effort on its own. At the beginning we didn’t really know what to expect (Would people like the site? Would people list their collections? Would people buy magic cards?!), but we were soon humbled by a great reception. We’ve grown slowly but steadily, and almost 2,000 users have joined LilianaMarket so far.

Since the site went live we’ve been learning from your feedback and kept improving it as fast as we could. Some of the new features we shipped through the year included text notifications for sellers, to instantly make them aware of their orders, the ‘bulk upload’ functionality, to allow listing a bunch of cards from the same set in one go, or the ‘deck builder’ tool, which lets you list your favourite decks on the site (not for sale, just for fun, although they do give you more visibility within the community).

It was also great to have the opportunity to sponsor a team of players, Team LilianaMarket. Their first official event was GP Birmingham 2018, which was lots of fun. We plan to further support the team in the new year, as it’s very important to us to help and be an active part of the magic community in the UK. Can you imagine one of them winning a MagicFest, or a Mythic Championship?!

We believe 2019 it’s going to be even better. We’re going to carry on improving the user experience of the site as we grow the community. Magic the gathering can be an expensive game, but LilianaMarket offers the tools to make it way more affordable; in fact, you might make a handsome profit by trading magic cards. We all have tons of cards that we don’t use at home – why not sell them? Also, as players, we want an easy to use platform that we can trust to buy our magic cards from, with no hassle and at good price. That’s what we’re trying to do, 100%.

LilianaMarket’s journey has just started, and we know we’ll need your support to provide the best possible platform for mtg players and game stores. We wish you a very happy 2019!

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