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What kind of cards can I sell on LilianaMarket?

I get this question a lot when we explain what’s LilianaMarket about, so I thought I’ll expand on it. What sort of MTG cards can you sell through LilianaMarket? Well, my answer is always the same: literally any card, whether common, uncommon, rare or mythic. Any card can sell!

Just think for a second of the immensity of Magic: The Gathering as a trading card game:

  • People playing Standard, with all the new set releases and new fancy cards, and a big rotation every year.
  • People playing Modern, a more stable format than Standard but with great diversity; and let’s not forget about the impact of the Modern Masters series and innovations such as Modern Horizons from a MTG finance standpoint.
  • People playing Commander; EDH is not only great fun, but also a hugely popular format. Serious Commander players are constantly creating new decks, and usually have multiple decks to choose from.
  • People playing Pauper, that is, a commons-only format, which is now getting official tournament support.
  • People playing Legacy, Vintage, Frontier, Singleton
  • People creating their MTG Cubes, usually full of foils and super powerful cards, or heavily built around certain themes. (By the way, I’m working on my first Cube! The prospect of drafting using some of my favourite cards of all time is really exciting indeed, I’m hoping to write more about this soon).
  • Collectors! A friend of mine picks up the entire set every time a new one comes out, and he is always on the hunt for the most random cards to complete them.

Your imagination is the only limit to how you play Magic and what decks you decide to play. And because of the endless possibilities that the game and the community offer, as I said before, any card can sell!

On that basis, my advice for new sellers on the platform includes:

  • List all your unwanted cards, not only the expensive ones, but also commons and uncommons. When listing your collection, keep it organised – being able to quickly find the cards you’ve sold will be quite important.
  • Sales of low value cards will help build up your reputation on the site; once you’ve established yourself as a trusted seller, selling other more expensive cards becomes easier.
  • Besides, the more cards buyers can purchase from you, the more likely is that they actually will, because buying from fewer sellers keeps their postage costs low.
  • Offer good prices. LilianaMarket recommends a trending price; moreover, it’s often a good idea to check the lowest price a card is selling at. I’m not saying that you need to be very aggressive pricing wise, just that listing your cards at a sensible price will definitely help.
  • Test things out! For example, I did two M20 pre-releases, spending £50 to sign up; I set myself the goal of getting that money back, by selling cards from the packs I had opened at the pre-release, carefully choosing the pricing, and offering some really good deals on a couple of promos and foils. Did I ‘lose’ some of the theoretical value in terms of trending price? Maybe, but I hit my target and covered the cost of the pre-releases!
  • Make sure that you send the cards as fast as possible, well packaged and everything; this should bring you the first few positive reviews. Usually as a first time seller your very first order will need to be sent using Royal Mail Signed For, so don’t forget to get the reference number and enter it into the platform.
  • Keep good communications with your buyers, specially if there were any issues.
  • We’ve developed a few resources that I hope you find useful: MTG seller guide, card condition guide, packaging guide and MTG sellers case studies. Check them out! And of course when in doubt, drop us a line at and we’ll do our best to help you out 😉

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